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Annotate Anything

Make documentation as easy as writing a Tweet! Overlay annotations on top of your company’s app, making it easily discoverable and maintainable for the whole team.

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How it Works

Just mouse over any element on the page to read or write an annotation. It’s 2021 — you shouldn’t have to search a wiki to find out how a feature works.

Easy to Maintain

Annotato allows your site to dictate the structure of your docs

One-click Editing

Just click on any element to annotate it, or any annotation to edit it.

Smart Pages

Seamless handling of different domains and URLs which need to share identical documentation.

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Great for Teams

Super simple for anyone in your company to join.

Instantly Join Teams

Configure Annotato to automatically allow signups from anyone with an email address at your company’s domain.

Simple Account Management

Easily manage user permissions so you can safely share Annotato with your entire organization.


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50 Accounts Included

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No-code Chrome Plugin

Just install the plugin and start annotating!

Flexible Features

Handle multiple domains, URLs, and accounts with ease.

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Hi, I’m Dan, an engineering leader from Boston. I’ve been building software for over a decade, and every team I’ve been on has struggled to find the “sweet spot” for documentation. Annotato is an idea I had back in 2017 that I’ve finally brought to life, and I hope you and your team can enjoy this fresh new approach to documentation.

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